Friday, April 01, 2016

Ang Pow Packet Collection 2016

I collect ang pow packets very selectively since many years ago, mainly due to I have limited sources to begin with. Middle of last year I joined a group on Facebook which introduce me to a whole new world of ang pow collecting. So many designs! So many collectors!

This year I had the opportunity to trade and receive more interesting ang pows from fellow collectors. I was lucky I had my relatives still staying in Klang Valley to help me source some ang pows as well.

Here are my favourite ang pow packet for year 2016 :

QBE - Sweet colours with cute picture of girl and boy

Xixili Set of 4 pieces - Sweet florals with playful polka dots

Paradigm Mall - Good paper quality, nostalgic feel

Apostrophe - One of the highly sought after sets

Bisou - I love the ombre colours

Ben's Independent Grocer - Unique colours with Bao Bei the gold foil monkey

BNP Paribas - A rare set received from a fellow collector from Singapore :)

Empire Gallery Subang - Simple red gold but with meaningful wordings

Oloiya - I like the large phrases and the vintage children design

7-11 Singapore - Front-back different colours, striking design

American Express Singapore - Love the batik design

Bank of Singapore - Luxe feel, simple and classic design

Feruni Tiles - Unique shape ang pow

Yi Tai Hot Stamping - Set of 6 really colourful monkeys

Sin Chew Jit Poh - I received this set during a trade. It reminds me of my own family of 5 - myself and dear hubby, two daughters and one son :)
Starbucks Malaysia (top) and Singapore (bottom)

Robinson Malaysia - The bold lanterns gave this ang pow a different feel altogether

Last but not least, I got the 10-piece set from Petronas via a trade. Since I am really bad with taking photo of this set, here is a picture borrowed from a collector by the name Ian. You may refer to the original source here.

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