Nissan Safety Campaign 2016 @ Legoland Malaysia

As Legoland annual pass holders, we were invited to register and participate as a family in Nissan Safety Campaign 2016 held in Legoland Resort on 23 April 2016. It is a half day event held in both Legoland Theme Park and Legoland Hotel itself.

After the opening speech and official launch, the kids were split into 2 groups for ease of headcount management. First program on the itinerary is held at the Nissan Safety School within Lego City. The 5-6 years olds were ushered to the Junior Driving School while the older children had their chance at the Driving School itself. This was probably the most confusing part as the participants were doing their driving school exercise with the non participants and tourists. It was probably time consuming too as the organisers have to wait for everyone to finish before they can leave the area. Thankfully DC was in the first group hence she gets to finish first then proceed on to the next activity.

Kids at the Driving School

Younger kids at Junior Driving School

We then proceeded to the Legoland Hotel for the rest of the activities. It was divided into different sections representing different road safety guides. We are supposed to go through all sections to earn the activity stamp. Every section there will be a Nissan representative explain the safety rules.  The completed stamp sheet will then be used to collect the goodie bag.

I like the idea of the interactive and informative floor mats used and how it is split into sections. We can pick and choose which section to go first, as some of these have a long queue. We can also read the safety guides on the easels.

Different learning activities in the conference room

The left passenger door is always the safety door. Always bring your child in and out from this side of the car.

Safety steps to cross

Explaining the importance of reflective materials while walking / cycling in the dark

Safety in the car
Height check to see if booster seat is required for the child.

We received a goodie bag courtesy of Nissan and Legoland. Each participant also received a certificate of attendance, and a Driving School driving license. Legoland Hotel also provided us the lunch packs.

Group photo

Simple lunch provided by Legoland Hotel

Overall it is an interesting and good learning experience, even for us adults. Thank you Nissan and Legoland for organising this event, and hope to be able to participate in future :)