LEGO Star Wars Days 2016 @ Legoland Malaysia

Seems my recent posts are all about Legoland Malaysia. Honestly it is where we bring our kids to at least once a month during the weekend. The benefits of living in Johor Bahru and having an annual pass :)

Legoland Malaysia is celebrating Star Wars Days the entire month of May. I am a fan of the original Star Wars trilogy so I am naturally very excited over the event. I had been into Star Wars Miniland feature in Legoland itself, and am completely amazed with their models and dioramas on display.

We made two trips to Legoland for this event, once on 1st May 2016, the other on 7th May 2016. The purpose of the first trip is to see the Master Builders in action building the Millennium Falcon, and to take part in the activities. The second trip is to witness the Star Wars March, and also to check out the completed Millennium Falcon.

Perfect photoshoot opportunity
Week 1

We went to Pizza Mania restaurant where the LEGO® Masterbuilder duo, Dan & Chris Steininger, is supposed to be working on the Millennium Falcon. We managed to catch them in action, and they love us taking their photographs too! The kids get to participate by assembling one of the grey blocks and pass it to the builders.

This is Chris, one of the Master Builder
Another activity we took part in was building mini Millennium Falcon build,  which we can take home as a souvenir! I love the Millennium Falcon, though it is out of my budget, so I asked if DC can build one for free, as a Mother's Day present :)

This is limited to 100 pieces a day, and is only available during the weekends. We were lucky to be able to queue up early to get one. This is a very popular item so better queue up early to avoid disappointment!

Umm...what is Millennium Falcon???

Week 2

We arrived at Legoland early to witness the Star Wars Parade by The 501st Legion (an international Star Wars costuming organization). The costumers will be wearing costumes of various Star Wars characters and will be marching into Legoland Theme Park during the morning. We were certainly not disappointed with the march - There is Darth Vader and The Emperor making their grand entrance, followed by Storm Troopers, Rebel Fighters, and also other characters such as Jawas, Rey, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren among others. No sign of a handsome Hans Solo, or Chewbacca though...

Darth Vader and The Emperor making their grand entrance into Legoland Theme Park
Storm Troopers
Rebel Fighters - this one had one too many nasi lemak i think
Kids join in the fun as well
Inside Legoland, I had the opportunity to view the entries for Star Wars My Own Creation (MOC) competition. The contestants had came up with their own design based on Star War concept. So many fantastic entries! Unfortunately I did not have that much time to look at it one by one as I had 3 bored kids waiting outside for me to finish.

Some of the entries for Star Wars My Own Creation (MOC) Competition
Rey and BB-8
Remember the huge Millennium Falcon which was work in progress the previous week? It is now completed, yay! We quickly took some photos before the crowd comes in to view.

The completed Millennium Falcon
Last but not least, the must do is the Star Wars Days activity trail. We obtained a form from customer service which requires us to answer some questions, and obtain stamps from 3 locations - The BIG Shop, Pizza Mania and Star Wars Miniland.

Lego Star Wars Days Activity Trail

Upon completion, all we need to do is to pass the form back to customer service to collect the Star Wars Days DUPLO commemorative brick. The activity is supposed to be meant for child only but we completed it as a family. Some of the questions are just too hard to answer! 

So I finally got my DUPLO block, my mini Millennium Falcon and one awesome experience of Star Wars Days in Legoland! One item off the bucket list :)

Mini Millennium Falcon and DUPLO Commemorative Block - all mine!
So there you have it, lots of activties in Legoland during the month of May. Hubby already said enough of Legoland this month lol!