Monday, August 22, 2016

Pokemon Go Locations in Johor Bahru (Part 1)

Anyone here plays Pokemon Go? I am a Pokemon Go player as well, though I have little opportunity to play as I am at home most of the time, or I am driving. I only get to play during the weekend, whenever my husband is the one driving.

Here is my sharing on Pokemon Go hotspots in Bukit Indah, Nusa Bestari, Medini, JPO and JB town centre near CIQ.

Bukit Indah

This shot is taken at one of the main cross-junctions connecting Bukit Indah to Nusa Bestari. You can see the huge Bukit Indah roundabout and park at the background. It is a hotspot with many Poke Stops and one big Poke Gym. There is another Poke Gym next to the roundabout (not shown in photo), it is located at the Church of Praise.

Johor Bahru Town

This was taken at Kin Wah Coffee Shop, which is famous for its perfectly cooked half boiled eggs. It is located opposite the equally famous Hiap Joo bakery. You can see that there are many Poke Stops around town. The Poke Gym I believe is located at the CIQ. 

Here is the another view of JB town, this time taken from Komtar JBCC. Most of the Pokestops are located outside the shopping malls. The same Poke Gym is now on the left background of the screen.

Johor Premium Outlet

I was lucky that my husband decided to go to JPO last weekend. That means I can check out the Pokemon Go hotspots there as well :D

The Poke Gym is located at the main fountain area near the centre court. There are benches around the fountain area, now it is full of Pokemon Go players fighting at the gym. I caught my first Ghastly here in JPO.  


Here in Medini I am only referring to Mall of Medini and Legoland Malaysia. You can see that Legoland is full of Pokestops and Poke Gyms. 

I will need to make a Pokemon Go trip one day :D

Nusa Bestari

This shot is taken from the T junction traffic light, with Restaurant Habib on right and the same Bukit Indah Signage on background left. The Nusa Bestari commercial area itself is a Pokemon hotspot, with many Pokestops and two Poke Gyms. A slight correction on the Giant Poke Gym. It is not located inside Giant but behind Giant where the loading bay is.

When I have the chance to visit more areas in Johor Bahru then I will update again accordingly.

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