Friday, December 16, 2016

Brick-tacular Holidays at Legoland Malaysia

When I look back at my postings, I realised time passes by just too fast! It seemed like yesterday I posted about the Legoland Christmas event held in December 2015. This time around the theme is Brick-tacular Holidays held during the entire month of December 2016.

The main decoration remains the same - The Christmas tree, Santa and his reindeer for that nice family photoshop, only this time they added some shops as part of the backdrop.

Perfect photo opportunity 
As per last year, the main Christmas event is held at Lego City area. It includes the Lego advent calendar, performance stage and the DUPLO Christmas tree. 

Well decorated LEGO City

Giant DUPLO Christmas tree

One thing significantly different was the introduction to the Snow Village, right in front of the train station. The front counter of the Snow Village is where visitors can drop off their tickets to stand a chance to win in the Advent Calendar event, and to have the honour to light up the DUPLO Christmas tree. The task is not so simple as filling up the form. Now visitors need to visit the Snow Village and answer some questions on the Brick-tacular brochure before they could get the tickets stamped and submitted for the lucky draw. The rest of the booths are either from Canon to purchase your photographs, or you can purchase Lego Christmas sets.

Empty Snow Village - Photo taken too early before it began at 11am

I had an unpleasant experience last year with the Advent Calendar lucky draw. We had the lucky draw tickets but there was no box in sight which we could put in the tickets in. Everyone was running around and waiting for the designated staff who finally turned up with the box after I lodged a complaint. I think Legoland management has taken into account this feedback, and hence the permanent booth is an improvement, no more running around looking for the lucky draw box. Two thumbs up! 

Christmas elf

This year, Legoland included Brick-tacular building activity next to Lego City stage, in which visitors can receive a stamp on the brochure upon completion of their build. There are santa, snowman and candy cane design to choose from.

Many colourful santas and snowman

My favourite

Last year during Christmas I see Lego selling their Advent Calendar sets, but the contents being a surprise where you need to open the designated box each day, I never got the chance to see the Advent goodies - until now. The main shop display shows the contents of how the Advent Calendar sets look like. Star Wars one looks really cool!

While the children wanted to play, all I want is to get hold of the limited edition Duplo Commemorative Brick for Christmas. This year, they made it really, really difficult to get, which is why it lived up to its title of being 'Limited Edition'. For the Chinese New Year and Halloween event held earlier this year, one can get the Duplo commemorative brick by completing the building activity. This time however, we can only get hold of the brick by making sure we catch Santa Claus during the Santa Sleigh parade. During the parade (which is only held at 1:45pm and 6:45pm daily). We had to follow Santa and the children queue up for goodies. Santa only hands out limited quantities of this brick, and is at random (depending on what he takes out from his sack). We got some biscuits and gummies the first time around, so I had to try to get near Santa again the second time.

'Would you like some chocolates?'

Gingerbreadman making an appearance too

Finally, I managed to get the brick - my hard earned souvenir for this year's Christmas event! This is put together with a modified version of Lego set 40125. Now Santa can rest and enjoy his coffee, until Christmas time that is!

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