Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas is Here @ 1 Utama

Yes! It is so good to be back home for Christmas. We did not go back to PJ last year as I was already in my third trimester and do not wish for any complications if we chose to go on a 4 hour car drive to PJ and another 4 hour drive back to JB. This year we already had our trip planned, and of course I must visit back 1 Utama to check out their Christmas decoration.

The theme this year is Christmas is Here. My first impression is they got the colours right - red, green silver, white. At the Oval, we are surrounded by huge Poinsettias, gleaming Christmas trees made of red,silver and white balls, and high arches decorated with red,silver and white balls, with silver tassels hanging down from the arch.

The giant poinsettias provide a pretty nice photo opportunity, though once my eldest stood under it, she was immediately dwarfed by the huge leaves and flowers, even the dewdrop looks huge! 

As usual, there are booths being set up around the main decoration area, many selling beauty products, foodstuff, accessories and Christmas decorations. I like how the booths are elegantly set up to resemble Christmas presents.

My favourite part of the decoration has to be those tall arches.brimming with coloured balls and lovely tassles. Doesn't gives a Christmas feel but I like it as a decoration as a whole. There are plenty more of these near the old wing where UNIQLO is located. Pity we could not take a photo there as it was just too crowded and my kids were already fussing away.

Last but not least, not sure if anyone noticed there are two giant silver spiders hanging around the Christmas tree? Not sure what is the relevance to Christmas (perhaps an insect attracted to the flowers?) but pretty nevertheless.

Not sure if I will have the chance to visit 1 Utama again next Christmas but if it does, will be a bonus for me. Yay!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

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