Friday, December 30, 2016

Pokemon Go locations in Johor Bahru (Part 3)

I told myself this post must be out before the end of 2016, and YES! I made it just in time!

I managed to visit a few more places during the school holidays in November and December, and this time I not only will cover the places for hunting Pokemon but also places with lots of Pokestops and Pokegyms.

Taman Sutera Utama

I hardly go to Taman Sutera Utama as I really dislike going through the heavy traffic and countless traffic lights, especially during weekends. Besides, not much reason why I need head over to Sutera Mall when I live near Bukit Indah with the choice of AEON Mall, Tesco and Giant.

However, there was one day in which I had to make a trip there to run an errand, so might as well turn on Pokemon Go to see what is in store. As you can see, my reference point is the City Outreach Church Pokestop. There are altogether 2 Pokegyms within the commercial square, and some Pokestops scattered around it. 

Sutera Mall itself has a Pokegym but I did not venture inside the mall to find out. One day, perhaps one day.

Taman Abad

Again, I hardly go over to Taman Abad. Firstly, it is quite far from my house. Secondly, KSL Mall is not somewhere I will usually go (see reason above). It was so happened I had to attend a function in KSL Hotel hence the reason I am there.

The Pokestops and Gym are all within the mall and hotel itself. Probably a good way to kill time if you are bored but the gym is very active. I could only remain there fast enough to collect coins before I got knocked out by another team. 

Taman Desa Tebrau

Here, my posting is specifically referring to AEON Mall Tebrau City and its vicinity.

Dear husband decided to bring us to AEON Mall Tebrau City for a change (yay!) and I took the opportunity to see what is in store.

From where we are coming from, my photos taken while all the cars are queuing up to go into the car park. There is a Pokegym at Tesco. The other side facing main road heading to AEON Mall, there are some pokestops as well.

Inside AEON Mall, there is only one Pokegym but quite a number of Pokestops. We were having lunch inside one of the restaurants that so happened was a Pokestop as well, so hubby and I ended up eating and spinning till our bags are full lol.

Eco Botanic and Educity

I can't recall how we ended up in Eco Botanic and Educity one day but the reason I am sharing this location is primary due to the Pokegym.

Educity and Eco Botanic is considered a more quiet place as compared to Puteri Harbour. I believe it is also a great place to fight and conquer the gym, as chances of being kicked out immediately is quite slim. Eco Botanic itself have two gyms  almost side by side, one can easily accumulate 20 coins there. Sadly for me, we were not there to battle at gym so I did not have chance to collect my coins :(

Kota Iskandar and Puteri Harbour

People always ask, 'where to hunt Pokemon in JB?'. Most common answer will be Danga Bay, followed by Puteri Harbour. Finally I had the chance to visit Puteri Harbour during Iskarnival Sama-Sama event in November. 

First, we pass by Kota Iskandar, which had quite a few Pokestops and Pokegyms, though all very scattered across the area.

When we arrived at Puteri Harbour, not only it is a happening place due to Iskarnival, but also a very happening place to catch Pokemon!

There are two Pokegyms in Puteri Harbour, and both were very active on that day itself. My conquered gym lasted less than 5 minutes, and as a result I had to settle to collect coins for one gym only.

People were not kidding when they say you can find lots of Pokemon in Puteri Harbour. All I can say is this - This place is INFESTED with Magnemite and Voltrob!

See what I mean???

I caught enough Magnemite and Voltrob to evolve them into Magneton and Electrode respectively. I also caught Magmar, Shellder, Cloyster, Ponyta, and not to mention my first ever Pikachu. I missed Charmander though, he ran away (boo-hoo!)

One day I plan to go back to Puteri Harbour again, hopefully they will spawn Seel, which I only caught one so far.

This is my Pokedex as of today :

My happiest is when I got Jynx and Lapras from 10KM egg. I only have one baby Pichu, hoping to hatch baby Pokemon next year!

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