Thursday, April 20, 2017

Poke Bowl for Kids

The Star recently featured an article on Poke Bowls that piqued my curiosity. I live in Johor hence it is my first time to come across this fascinating dish. I really wish I could try it one day...

I noticed some of the ingredients are also my kids' favourite food - avocado, salmon, cherry tomatoes. Inspired by the Poke Bowl, I made this dish for my children.


1 piece salmon fillet
1 avocado
5 - 6 cherry tomatoes
white rice/brown rice, cooked
1 tsp chia seeds

Garlic lemon butter sauce or
Kewpie sesame sauce

1. Cook some white/brown rice.

2. Pan fry the salmon fillet until cooked. Let it cool and cut into small pieces.

3. Scoop out one avocado and cut into small cubes

4. Slice cherry tomatoes into half.

5. I make my own lemon butter sauce by heating up butter then mix in some lemon juice and stir.

Assembling the dish

1. Scoop rice into a small rice bowl, filling it up to half a bowl, or whichever amount your child can eat. Do not fill up to the brim of the bowl, else the toppings will fall out.

2. Arrange the salmon, avocado and tomato (and any other ingredients) around the bowl.

3. Add sauce and sprinkle chia seed on top of the dish.

4. Dish is ready to be served.

For my first attempt, my kids gave me a thumbs up! My eldest, being a fussy eater, quickly finished up her dish and asked me to make more of these. I am so happy!

I have thought of adding japanese cucumber and some dried seaweed in my next attempt, hopefully they will like it as much.

One more easy to cook item for the kids on my list. Yay!

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