Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New office pet from Down Under

Looks like I can never run away from those Aussie creatures.

After freeing the wombat a month ago, I got this EXTREMELY CUTE Koala soft toy from a collegue who just came back from Mundane Melbourne. Thank you to He-Who-Shall-Not-Be Named!!

It is now perched comfortably on the 最新汉语词典 at my desk. At least it's not in a box, so I won't be accused of animal cruelty anymore.

Initially I thought it kinda looked like Totoro......I guess it's the eucalyptus leaf it's holding. Obviously it bears no resemblance to King Totoro!!!

(Koala photo is grainy coz it's taken using my ciplak camera phone)


ChinoDevean said...

Why in the world do you have a Chinese dictionary on your desk??

nileey said...'s for my previous role. I got the Feb 2006 edition. Anyway, it looks 'professional' on my desk :-p