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Cartoons Flashback 6 - Laughter is the Best Medicine

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Oh wow, finally I got to this backlog post. Last one of this series!

I always loved a good cartoon that makes me laugh. It is especially a good way to destress after coming home from school. (Note : this is before the era of internet, PS2, Wii and handphones, so we have pretty limited form of indoor entertainment).I enjoyed a wide variety of comedy cartoons, but here are some of my favourite :

Part 6 - Laughter is the Best Medicine

Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo is part of the Hanna-Barbera Productions, whose cartoons mostly dominate the TV and Cartoon Network before the slew of totally ridiculous cartoons with names like 'Cow and Chicken', '2 Stupid Dogs' and 'I am Weasel'. The main characters of this cartoon are a talking dog named Scooby Doo, his human friends Shaggy, Velma, Freddie and Daphne. Occasionally Scooby Doo's nephew Scrappy-Doo will join the cast as well.

I was lucky that we subscribed to Mega TV (The only cable TV in the market before Astro) of which Cartoon Network was one of the very few channels available. Scooby Doo cartoon is not only funny but it comes with an element of sleuthing and mysteries that appeals to me as well. I have to say I hate Scrappy-Doo though. He's really annoying and always spoils the plan! I don't mind Scooby because he's such a clumsy cowardly dog, and his character is just so funny.


What? Another Scooby Doo cartoon? Actually, this is more of a competition between the all the characters from Hanna-Barbera. The title Laff-A-Lympics says it all - lots of ridiculous and stupidly amusing competitions guaranteed to leave one laughing in stitches :)

There are three teams in competition : Yogi Yahooeys ; Scooby Doobies and Really Rottons. No guessing which team I'm rooting for :) Each episode will feature competitions held in different parts of the world and presented in a format similar to a live Olympic television forecast. The competition are based on a point system, with the final event usually worth more points. The team that has the most points will be declared the winner and receive the gold medal. Points can be also deducted for sabotage, which will usually happen to the Really Rottens.

I enjoyed watching this cartoon purely for its entertainment and humour value. No need to think so much, just sit back and enjoy. It's the perfect cartoon to de-stress as well, and sometimes I look forward to it, especially when there's a lot of homework to be done :)

Tom & Jerry

Who doesn't like Tom & Jerry? Who doesn't know Tom & Jerry?

One of the best classic examples of rivalry, the cartoon is focused on how Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse outwit each other during different situations, be it in the house, the beach, the BBQ pit, etc. Tom is usually quick, but he can't beat Jerry's wit and intelligence. Most of the time we see Jerry wins, but there are a few occasions Tom emerge triumphant as well. A few instances, both became friends, or both are losers if a 3rd party is involved. It's obvious there's a love/hate relationship bond developed between these two characters.

One episode which I will always remember is called Heavenly Puss. Tom was bullying Jerry and somehow he met into a freak accident with a falling piano, and was sent up to Heaven. I remember the long escalator ride to the gates and he saw many cats entering the gates to the train. He was not able to do get into Heaven unless he obtains a certificate of forgiveness from Jerry within an hour. If he failed to do so, he will be sent down to Hell. My heart went to Tom as I see him trying his best to get Jerry to sign the certification. The way his desperation was reflected in the cartoon made me felt very sorry for Tom, especially when he failed to obtain the certificate in time. Luckily it was all a bad dream and he was so relieved to be alive, he actually hugged a puzzled Jerry.

Occasionally there will be recurring 'guest stars' such as Jerry's little mouse friend Nibbles , Spike the bulldog, and Quacker the naive duckling. They add some depth to the storyline and makes the episode more interesting. In terms of the gags used, it's usually door slamming, various traps, guns, head whacking, explosives among others. However, as there's no blood or gore, and the reactions were just ridiculous at time, it's funny.

Compared to Road Runner and the Coyote, I rather much prefer Tom & Jerry. Road Runner becomes kind of predictable after a while, but Tom & Jerry has the variety in terms of storyline and scenarios, and occasionally the twist in the storyline.

That's all the flashback I have on this topic. Till next time!

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lilium said...

OOo..I love them all. I was still watching Tom & Jerry when I was in secondary. Mum was babysitting two I used to watch with them. Haha!