Thursday, January 15, 2009

TV Snippets

American Idol Season 8
Kara is cool, and I hate Bikini Girl. She's got some real attitude problem. Still testing waters to see if I want to continue or wait till the finals.

The Gem of Life
Jessica is so EVIL!!! And where did Elissa go? 20 more episodes, I wonder what will happen next?

Heroes Season 3
Oh, I'm so lost. Ini akibat watching mid-way and trying to catch up at the same time.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
I love AXN Beyond! Buffy is just so cool, and so is Xander and Willow and especially Spike! I think they are showing season 6 just now, hope to catch the finale as I missed it the last time around many, many years back.

1 comment:

lilium said...

Jessica changed 180 degree! Dun like her at all now. Hey..the kid who loves to make horror movies is indeed freaky!! But he sang quite ok suprisingly.