Thursday, January 15, 2009

TV Snippets

American Idol Season 8
Kara is cool, and I hate Bikini Girl. She's got some real attitude problem. Still testing waters to see if I want to continue or wait till the finals.

The Gem of Life
Jessica is so EVIL!!! And where did Elissa go? 20 more episodes, I wonder what will happen next?

Heroes Season 3
Oh, I'm so lost. Ini akibat watching mid-way and trying to catch up at the same time.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
I love AXN Beyond! Buffy is just so cool, and so is Xander and Willow and especially Spike! I think they are showing season 6 just now, hope to catch the finale as I missed it the last time around many, many years back.


lilium said...

Jessica changed 180 degree! Dun like her at all now. Hey..the kid who loves to make horror movies is indeed freaky!! But he sang quite ok suprisingly.