Saturday, August 06, 2011

All Prepared!

So now I hit Week 39 this week, here's just an update of what's going on so far.

Firstly, I'm proud to announced I have finally packed my hospital bag two weeks ago!

Not too sure if it is 100% complete, but based on the several checklist I have on hand, it should be more than enough. I omit to bring any nightgowns or button-front tops though, simply because I don't have any! Anyway, based on my friends' and colleagues' experience, it is not necessary as they just wore the hospital gown during their stay.

We also attended the antenatal class two weeks back in the hospital. For RM150 per couple, we received a cute goodie bag, lots of pamphlets, plus breakfast and lunch too.

The course focuses on the labour process, why breast milk is best, role of the father, as well as a baby bath and massage demonstration. I though the breastfeeding video is very interesting, though the timing of the video was kind of questionable (We were having lunch in the conference room when that video was played). Imagine what goes through the men's mind watching the baby sucking on the mother's breast while they were eating their ayam rendang and rice :) It was also an eye opener for me to see pictures of the actual delivery of the baby. That is probably what spooked me the most of the when I think about how the entire labour process would be. After the course I felt I was slightly better prepared in terms of the expectation and options available during delivery.

Last week, we also completed our shopping for baby stuff. Firstly, we visited the 7th Parenthood Expo 2011 which was held in Midvalley Convention Hall. I was hoping they will have as many stuff as the Mom & Baby Expo that we went in May'11, but was a little disappointed that the choices of the items we were looking for (car seat and bed linen) was so much more limited. I saw lots of companies promoting cord blood and stem cell banking, post natal packages and slimming! Even Ghee Hiang had a booth there selling sesame oil for only RM30 for two bottles, a great bargain as we bought ours from Giant at RM20 per bottle!

We managed to buy one fitted sheet for the baby playpen, as well as the Simple Dimple Papa Shield diaper bag, which we have now nicknamed it the "Turtle Bag" because of the hard shell :) Later during the evening, we got our Halford Zeus baby car seat from My BB Store at Kota Damansara. That pretty much completes our shopping list - Finally!

I've also settled my work tasks in office already. Cleared my desk, transferred my files to my back ups, done the necessary transition etc etc. I'll be working from home the next week till I deliver. Quite relieved now that I won't have to think about work for the next 5 months :)

With everything in place now, all is left is to wait for our dear baby girl to decide what day she wants to see the world. Everyone is already getting anxious, including myself and hubby. I wonder when it will be?


mangomoon said...

:) wow god bless u n baby

Lilium said...

Good luck! Remember..breath breath breath and breath during the contraction.

BTW, Are you taking 5 months off?

Keep us posted! xoxo