Monday, June 04, 2012

DC's Visit to Farmer's Market

Yesterday was the first week of the month. This means the Farmer's Market @ Central Park is on. This time around we brought DC for her first visit to the Farmer's Market after missing out on it the previous months.

Free redemption - Home made apple kiwi jam

Compared to the first time it was held, there are many more stalls this time around. I see stalls selling organic vegetables, nangka (very popular with the uncles/aunties), milk and eggs, home-baked bread and muffins, handmade artisan soap, mini terrariums, and even Japanese handmade goods! The crowd comprises mostly the older folks and housewives buying vegetables (like yours truly).

Japanese hand made products - made and sold by a Japanese couple

Hubby took DC around while I do my marketing. I purchased some organic vegetables, sweet potatoes for DC, mangoes for ourselves, and some muffins to fill up my hungry tummy :)

DC was busy looking around, checking out her new surroundings from her stroller. She didn't quite enjoy it though as the weather was so hot and she was sweating like mad. 

DC : Carrots for dinner again???

We also took DC for a stroll around the park to see dogs in training. She was initially very curious with the tiny silky terrier, but later her interest waned, possibly due to the weather again. She did manage to wave at a border collie pup and a golden retriever before we head back home.

DC : Hello, can I bring you home to play with me?

We'll definitely will bring DC along during the next Farmer's Market (if we all can wake up on time for it). I'm looking forward to the day she can walk on her own, then our visit will be more interesting by then :)

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Lilium said...

It would be interesting then coz you would probably be running after DC then. I think they will only walk and listen to you when they are at least 3. LOL! I am still running after Matt these days coz he likes to do 100m dash if he is not in his buggy.