1 Utama Christmas Decoration 2019 - Whimsical Woodlands

This year end we managed to travel back to KL to visit my parents and also some friends. We didn't spend Christmas in KL but managed to visit a few malls for last minute shopping and checking out their Christmas decoration. As usual, 1 Utama was one of our to-go malls, as it was very near my parents' house, also a convenient place to meet up.

This year's theme was titled Whimsical Woodlands. From their Facebook poster, my first impression was that it was similar to their 2014 Christmas decoration

However, their actual decoration was more of just the Christmas trees, no animal characters at all!

First view of the Oval from the top floor showed a very simple woodlands layout comprising of conical Christmas trees and a wooden hut. 

View from Level G - I liked how the trees were all so tall and majestic, making one feel that one was in a Christmas theme woodlands.

Instead of a main display theme like previous years, this year's was a simple wooden hut display.

The interior of the hut was decorated in line with the theme. I loved the chimney and mantelpiece and the little decorative details around it. The kids were very curious with how the chimney and fireplace work though 😂

As we walked toward the old wing, there was a tall signage with the theme Whimsical Woodlands. On the other side were the redemption items on display.

The only item that kept my eldest so excited was the free skating opportunity for ONEKIDS of she is a member. The skating rink took up much of the space in the old wing. It was a nice and fun experience for the children. 

My view on this year's Christmas decoration - Very simple and minimalist, however I felt the mall kept to the Christmas theme. Also, it was much better than some of the shopping malls who in recent years, like to tie-in with cartoon characters such as Doraemon and We Bare Bears for their festive decoration. Or worse, this year's Star Wars theme at Pavillion featuring Millennium Falcon as the centerpiece (Please bring back the Swarovski Christmas Tree!!) I supposed the malls in general are on a cost cutting measure, plus Chinese New Year is just so close away, they may decide to spend more on Chinese New Year decoration too.