Where to eat near Legoland Malaysia - Part 1

Believe it or not, this is the number one question asked by my friends or relatives visiting Legoland Johor! To be more specific, those who came to Johor Bahru for holiday, and staying within the Nusajaya or Bukit Indah area. There is nothing much to eat in the Legoland area, unless visitors plan to drop by Puteri Harbour for food, but then again, Puteri Harbour is a tourist attraction as well.

I always tell them to go around AEON Bukit Indah for food, but decided to compile some of the eateries we frequent, and spcifically if the places are baby or toddler friendly or not. No photographs of the restaurants but here I took photos of their business cards instead. Restaurants are located within Bukit Indah, Taman Perling or Nusa Bestari area, ouetside shopping malls vicinity.

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Hook Sang Seafood Restaurant (Non-Halal)

Food : 8/10. Seafood is fresh, taste good as well. The satay stall operating next to it sells great tasting satay too, and they have mutton satay available. Usually packed during weekends.

Air conditioned? No

Baby or toddler friendy? Not so. This place is operates as a corner lot coffee shop during the day. Baby chairs are available but no place to fit a stroller.

Chotiroj Thai Restaurant (Non-Halal)

Food : 8/10. Our to-go place for Thai cuisine. Food is good and authentic. I love their lemon steam fish and clear tom yum soup.

Air conditioned? Yes

Baby or toddler friendly? Yes. They have ample space for strollers, and around 5 baby chairs

{Update 31/5/2018 - Chotiroj has relocated to the following address :

No. 60, Jalan Layang 16, Taman Perling,
81200 Johor Bahru

It is actually at the end of the row of shoplots opposite their old shop, across the Iskandar highway}

Shun Fa Bak Kut Teh (Non-Halal)

Food : 7/10. Their bak kut teh is the clear soup type, unlike some of the thicker version in the old parts of JB town. Salted vegetables doesn't taste that good, but their old pork leg is recommended. Usually packed during weekends.

Air conditioned? No.

Baby or toddler friendly? No. It is coffee shop style, only 2 baby chairs and no space to put strollers.

{Update 31/5/2018 - The Bak Kut Teh shop has relocated to a new address. Please refer to my 2nd post here}
The Marco Polo Kitchen (Halal)

Food : 7/10. They serve mainly Italian cuisine. Their pasta and mains are highly recommended. Usually packed during weekends so service can be a little poor during that time.

Air conditioned? Yes

Baby or toddler friendly? Yes. Very spacious settings, with 4 baby chairs available.

The Spice Kitchen (Halal)

Food : 9/10. One of our favourite restaurants to go to. I highly recommend their Northern Indian cuisine (they serve Indian, Thai and Chinese food).

Air conditioned? Yes

Baby or toddler friendly? Yes. Very spacious settings, with 4 baby chairs available.

Restaurant Yi Jia (Non-Halal)

Food : 8/10. Seafood is fresh, taste good as well. I recommend their roasted chicken as well. Service is fast, good for those with hungry kids.  Usually packed during weekends.

Air conditioned? It is open space but with air condition

Baby or toddler friendy? They have some tables which can accomodate strollers, ample baby chairs available.

Nyonya Treats (Non-Halal)

Food : 7/10. Crave Nyonya food but Melaka is just too far away? This restaurant serves pretty authenthic Nyonya cruisine. It is a small restaurant so do go early or make a reservation.

Air conditioned? Yes

Baby or toddler friendly? Probably not. Space is very cramped, can't even fit a stroller. Baby chairs are very limited as well.

Fugetsu Japanese Restaurant (Non-Halal)

Food : 7/10. Decent Japanese food if you want to avoid the ones located in the malls. Japanese families dine here as well so I presume it should be authentic enough for their standards. They serve pork but not beef.

Air conditioned? Yes

Baby or toddler friendly? Yes. They have tables which can fit a stroller at the side. Ample baby chairs and a kids reading corner available (books are in Japanese though)

{Edit December 2016 - Sadly Fugetsu closed down since November 2016. Now I have nowhere to go for my Natto temaki sob sob}

Indian Kitchen (Halal)(Restaurant closed since 2018)

Food : 8/10. This is probably one of the nearest restaurants from Legoland as it is situated in Medini itself. They serve mainly Southern Indian cruisine. They also have banana leaf buffet which we have tried and it tastes very good. 

Air conditioned? Yes

Baby or toddler friendly? Yes. Very spacious setting with ample baby chairs.

Ming Ang Confectionery (Halal)

This last place is not a restaurant, but more of a confectionery shop. When we first moved to JB and I was expecting number 3, I was craving for things like Heong Peah, Seremban Siew Pau, Kaya Puffs and Tambun Peah. My parents had to buy them from KL and bring over to us whenever they come to visit. Now I discovered this shop (which has been there all along but we never visited it till early 2016) I can buy these anytime i want. Best of all, their items are baked fresh every day. They sell egg tarts, wife biscuits and other types of confectionery too. Their weekends are extremely packed as I understand many Singaporeans come over to make their purchases as well.

{Update : 31/5/2018 - I have added my list of new places in my 2nd blog post here , 3rd blog post here : )


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