Where to eat Near Legoland Malaysia - Part 2

I did up a blog post some time ago, now renamed as Part 1 as there have been new eateries around Bukit Indah, Nusa Bestari and Eco Botanic, these are the places relatively near to Legoland, and if you do not wish to eat at the Mall of Medini.

AnMour Cafe (non halal)

Food : 8/10. This Johor established restaurant serves great western and fusion cuisine for the family. One of our new favourite places to bring the elder kids to. Plus points for free bun with brown sauce as appetizers. Packed during weekends and peak hours.

Air conditioned? Yes

Baby or toddler friendly? I will probably say not stroller friendly. It is quite cramped inside as it is a relatively small cafe. They have ample baby chairs but don't think they can fit a stroller inside the restaurant.

Yi Jia Taste (Non-Halal)

Food : 8/10. Eco Botanic is a relatively new housing and commercial development, and is located right next to Educity. This restaurant is a slightly upmarket version of Yi Jia restaurant which I covered in Part 1. They have nice ambiance, and good food though a little pricey. They also serve complimentary chilled plum juice which is a hit with the kids.

Air conditioned? Yes. You may need to bring along a shawl, depending on which table are you seated.

Baby or toddler friendly? Yes.

Kuching Style (Non-Halal)

Food : 7/10. Their Sarawak Laksa and Kolo Mee is good. However, some others like Nasi Lemak is a miss. Closed on Mondays.

Air-conditioned? Yes

Baby or toddler friendly? Yes. The restaurant is spacious, and can fit in strollers. They have quite a number of baby chairs as well.

Qi Fu Vegetarian 

Food : 8/10. If you are looking for vegetarian restaurant, there are a few located in Nusa Bestari and Bukit Indah, but we like Qi Fu's food, especially their vegetarian sushi rolls

Air Conditioned? Yes

Baby or Toddler Friendly? The restaurant have baby chairs, but fitting in a stroller may be an issue.

Ramen Kingu House (Non-Halal)

Food : 8/10. The funny thing was that I had been living in this part of Bukit Indah suburb, and despite passing by Giant so often, I did not notice this Ramen House until it was recommended by a friend. It is located next to Pariss Hotel and you could just missed it as it is also next to a very vibrant coffee shop! Their specialty is their Ramen, and while they do serve other type of Japanese food, their Ramen wins hands down. 

Air-conditioned? Yes

Baby or Toddler Friendly? Yes. Ample place to put baby stroller, they also have baby chairs available.

Roi Spoon and Pan Galbi Restaurant (Non-Halal)

Food : 9/10. FYI - This is a Korean restaurant, which sells fusion cuisine such as Bulgogi pilaf, Szechuan pasta and pumpkin pasta. They recently added on some authentic Korean food. One of them is Pan Galbi, which is BBQ meat served in a pan. The food has been consistently good, and Pan Galbi being one of my favourites. They also have free flow serving of banchan and ice cream. 

Air conditioned? Yes

Baby or toddler friendly? Definitely yes! The restaurant is spacious, with ample place for you to place a stroller. There are quite a number of baby chairs available too. What is the plus point of this place as compared to others? They have their own playroom for the kids! Kids can play or watch TV in the room, while the adults can chit chat and enjoy their food. Win-win for all!

{Update - Roi Spoon has closed down and replaced with Zen, a Korean style buffet restaurant. We have not tried this place yet}

Sawadee-Sarn (non Halal)

Food : 7/10. They have very good crispy egg omelette and salted egg squid. Their tom yum soup is the creamy coconut type though, so if you only want clear tom yum soup, you should head over to Chotiroj (featured in Part 1) instead.

Air-Conditioned : No. I can say it is partially air conditioned but because the restaurant is not the closed type you will feel some heat from outside.

Baby or toddler friendly : Probably not. The restaurant is located along a very busy road along Nusa Bestari so you really need to watch over your child if he or she is the wandering/running type. 

Chao Fu (Non-Halal)

Food : 7/10. This restaurant prides itself with selling the freshest seafood noodle, with the fish coming all the way directly from Pontian. They sell simple kid friendly dishes such as fish porridge, fish noodles, sliced fish soup with rice etc. Closed on Tuesdays.

Air conditioned : Yes

Baby or toddler friendly? They have sufficient baby chairs. If you need to put in a stroller, they can accomodate by moving the tables around.

Chicken Delight

Food : 7/10. Another Johor established fast food restaurant, though not as famous as Marrybrown. Their fried chicken is very crispy and tasty, can order with rice as well. If fried chicken is not your fancy, they do have other options such as fried rice and noodles. 

Air Conditioned? Yes

Baby or toddler friendly? Yes. The restaurant is spacious, with ample space to put strollers. They also have baby chairs available. If you kid gets restless, you can distract them with the wall-mounted mini aquarium.

{Update - Sadly Chicken Delight had closed down. Where can we find tasty fried chicken apart from KFC and McDonalds?}

Grandma's Kitchen (Non-Halal)

Food : 8/10. This restaurant sells chinese cuisine, they have some signature dishes. Service is fast though parking may be an issue as it is located near two more chinese restaurants. Pricing is mid-range to expensive, depending on what dish are you ordering.

Air conditioned? Yes

Baby or toddler friendly? Yes. They have ample baby chairs. For strollers, if the table is near the corner it may fit a stroller.

{Update - I was very surprised to find that Grandma Signature has closed down early 2019 despite a good crowd. Their FB stated manpower issue :( }

Paper Restaurant 

Food : 7/10. A family lunch favourite, as it has all sort of dishes to cater for everyone's preference. From pasta to western to chinese food, it is single serving, though they have a sharing platter, mostly fried wedges/fries/chicken wings. My favourite is their waffles, they serve it like a sandwich, instead of the bread, it is replaced by waffles. They also have kids meal available. 

Air conditioned? Yes

Baby or toddler friendly? They have ample baby chairs, but to fit a stroller inside the restaurant may be a challenge.

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